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This question will have many answers, so we want to know what VITALITY means to you, in order to partner with you so that you can

  • Clarify the transformation you want

  • Gain the insight that will help you break through and make the progress with confidence

  • Create a roadmap that is tailored uniquely to you, and helps fast-track your success

  • Live healthier, happier, fitter, fuller, stronger, longer, better

What Does VITALITY Mean to You?

When you understand how YOU work from the inside out, you can help yourself work better.  Our Signature Package includes a simple check swab test that provides information on your genes, looking at those genes over which we have a huge amount of control.  

VIDEO:  Why Take a Genetic Test?  (3:16)

After discovering your uniqueness through your 3x4 Blueprint Report, we can create a strategy to help turn the good genes on and turn the not-so-good genes off.    We know that everything we do and everything we expose our genes to, impacts how genes behave.  Through lifestyle changes and other potential interventions, you can optimize your overall well-being.

What's Included


Start with WHY

This is your journey.  We begin by digging deep, then going as deep as needed to uncover the VALUE to you as you clarify your optimal vitality goals and objectives.  We want to create a compelling vision of what you are aiming to accomplish.


3x4 Blueprint Report

Once we get your 3x4 Genetics Blueprint report, we will meet to review your results.  We will review your progress thus far and continue to refine  your plan of action.


4 Progress Coaching Sessions

Here's where we can help you go farther than you might have imagined!  You can use these four 45-minute progress sessions at whatever interval you choose - closer together if you want to "sprint," and farther apart if you prefer a slower and steady approach.


Create initial action steps including genetics testing

We will talk about your first action steps that get you moving in the direction of your goals.  We'll order your 3x4 Genetics test kit and you can expect prompt delivery so you can follow simple instructions at home and mail it in.  Results are ready in 3-4 weeks typically.


Measures of Progress

You may have heard it said, "If it isn't measured, it didn't happen."  We will establish ways to measure your progress so that you can see results along the way!


Discounted Supplements and Lab Testing

As a Signature Package client, you will receive 20% off supplements and our lowest prices on labs you may choose.  NOTE:  These are expenses not included in the Package price, since they will vary from person to person.

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.” 

George Burns

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